The Berry O. Waddy Funeral Home website was created to offer information about us and the services we provide, as well as, guidance, support, and a loving memorial to loved ones. Exceptional goods and services is a Berry O. Waddy Funeral Home trademark.

Our slogan, “It Pleases Us to Please You”, is taken seriously. We have a staff of highly trained and professional individuals committed to ensuring that our work exceeds the expectations of each family we serve. Please look through our website, and call or stop by any time to chat with us.

"When we lose someone we love, it's hard to understand why.
The answer we try to find, between each teardrop we cry.
But there's never an answer, that can take away the pain.
And although friends often try, no one can ever explain.
So hold to your memories, of your loved ones in your heart.
And although they're not with you, you'll never truly be apart."
T. Landers


Current Services
Joseph S.  Garner, Sr.
Julia E.  Taylor
David H.  Wiggins
Margaret V.  Jackson
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